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Maca Fairies & Friends Series Plush Toy

Maca Fairies & Friends Series Plush Toy

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Fairies and Friends Series - We All Need Some Sort of Companion

Do you remember when you last daydreamed? Time goes by, we don’t have the luxury to pause time. We grow older, and we grow apart from some old friends and habits. Maybe it is time to revisit and reconnect with some old chums. How about your imagination? Remember your imaginary friends back in your childhood, and bring them back. Reconnect that carefree child in you with our Fairies and Friends series.

Meow in lavender colour is Maca's friend. Meow is as easy going as you can imagine, hopefully you love this adorable little cat as much as we do.
  • Soft Shiny Polyester Cuddle Fleece
  • Soft And Stuffed
  • Doughnut Character "Meow"
  • Embroidery Logo
  • 2-Way : Plush Toy / Cushion
  • 36cm W x 10cm D x 40cm H
  • N/AL
  • 0.18kg

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