Dare to Dream, Travel the Trek | Happy Camper Series

Dare to Dream, Travel the Trek | Happy Camper Series

No matter which season, it’s always a good idea to go on a journey. That’s why Happy Camper Series has a dynamic color palette that suits all year round.

What’s life without a few risks?

Go big for happiness. Follow your heart’s desire and let your rushes take you on a series of adventures. Start off with a heart full of dreams, then get yourself out there in the world. Although there’s no guarantee when the journey will end, a happy camper can tell when their hearts are filled with eudaimonia. Let your dreams take you away, and be a fellow happy camper.


Ready Steady Dreamy Journey

We have interviewed a few travel photographers to share with us their dreamy journeys. Most of them started their journey as travel photographers in times of feeling trapped, externally and internally. Although one may not be able to travel far, they travel as much as they can, in the nearby areas. They came to discover the iridescent beauty of nature, and with a heart that would like to share this beauty with the world, they turned their passions into work.



What makes a Memorable Journey?

The joy of traveling is unmeasurable, it can be from everything we experience. Getting out of the comfort zone and putting oneself out in the world is only a starting point to experiencing the wonders of the world. One of our interviewees, Dasha Afanaseva, said that her most memorable journey was the one she spent two weeks driving around Iceland in a camper van with her friend. They went hiking on a glacier, whale watching, stood behind a massive waterfall, and chased the midnight sun. She took her experience there to the maximum, making it one of her most adventurous trips.



The Next Dreamy Journey

A dream destination is a place you believe you can find happiness there, a place that you believe can fulfill your life’s goals. Another of our interviewees, Kal Youden, said her dream destination is Bhutan, which is considered one of the happiest countries in the world. Another interviewee, Daniela Zafra, said Iceland is at the top of her dream destinations, and she would love to see the sceneries she once saw online become a reality to her eyes and art to her camera.



Taking the First Step

The worst that can happen is not to fail, but not to try at all. Perfection is not a requirement to start something. Learn in the process, and find your own style and path. As Dasha Afanaseva answered us, “you truly have nothing to lose if you try”! Start experimenting and find where your passion lies. If you are planning on picking up travel photography, Daniela Zafra suggested that one should not be obsessing over gears, once you feel ready, the basics of the basics might just be enough. And Kal Youden would tell you that it is “your point of view [that] makes you unique and authentic”.




Time Doesn’t Wait on People

Take your chance on your dreamy journeys, and take Happy Camper Series with you to ease your troubles. Share your dreams with us and tell us your tales. If you want to see more of Dasha Afanaseva @dashaslens, Daniela Zafra @danielazafra , and Kal Youden @heykalsang’s authentic content, go follow them on Instagram and support their works.



Pack Your Dream with Doughnut

Bring your Happy Camper bag with your dreams. Check out our official website for the latest series: Happy Camper Series 


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